Road Trip for Life

Accessible Adventures for all

Making accessible adventures possible for all.

    Our goal

    The aim of the foundation is to make freedom of movement possible for those who rely on a wheelchair. For this purpose we develope wheelchair accessible campervans.  

    Our Campervans can be rented for a low market rate. The foundation raises funds that are used for the development, maintenance and a lowering the rental costs. In this way, anyone with a wheelchair can enjoy an adventurous holiday. 

    Care giving features

    The campervan has 2 beds and seats 3 persons and is equiped with several care giving tools. The van is fitted with an Arjo ceiling hoist and an electrically adjustable bed with anti decubitus bed. Tools that make care giving less heavy. A proven design, inspired by our personal experience. 

    The wheelchair can be placed in the frontseat of the van, next to the driver, for the ultimate Road Trip experience.

    Ceiling hoist

    As easy as at home 

    Road Trip - riding shotgun

    Wheelchair in the front

    Comforable beds

    Size bed 200x90

    In the video below you can see the wheelchair accessible camper in use. You sit together in the front so you can enjoy the journey to the fullest. The ceiling lift makes the transfer to the toilet and bed as easy as at home.

    Rent the Van

    For yourself or someone else!

    Do you want to rent the campervan for someone else? Great idea!

    As a sponsor you can pay for the costs of rent and fuel. So that someone else can go on holiday! Contact us for sponsorship.

    Or do you want to rent the camper for yourself? The campervan is available to rent from August 2022. You can pre-book via the button! Send us a message!

    About us

    My name is Joost Bazelmans and together with my best friend Michiel Kin we started a foundation that will make camper holidays for people in wheelchairs possible. So that, even if you are in a wheelchair, you can make road trips and keep going on an adventure.

    We have been best friends for over 30 years. We got to know each other through a network association of our parents (the Round Table). We became friends and have been together ever since. Michiel has Duchenne muscle disease.

    Since we met, we go on vacation together. We frequently visit Michiel's family holiday home in Cadzand- Zeeland. But Zeeland is not the only holiday destination we visited together. 


    We made many trips through Europe with Michiel's bus; to Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, England... We also visited distant destinations outside Europe together, South Africa, Australia, America and a few flights to the edges of Europe.

    We are privileged to have lived all these holidays together, we wish everyone a similar experience. 

    Why this project?

    Getting the most out of life!

    Air travel has been out of the question for several years now. Michiel can no longer sit in the same position for long and is dependent on his ventilator. The aircraft seats offer too little comfort and power supply for the respiration is not always available.

    In addition, the wheelchair is fairly large and there are all kinds of equipment hanging on it, such as a respirator. As a result, the seat cannot simply be folded and is often too large and vulnerable for transport in the hold of an aircraft.

    Since we have set ourselves the goal of getting the most out of life, we want to keep going on adventures. To enjoy. See and experience the world.

    Fortunately, Michiel has his own van that we can use to get from A to B. However, this bus is not suitable for camping or long trips. Michiel sits high and looks at the storage space above the front seats and because of the noise we cannot have a conversation, Michiel cannot raise his voice due to his limited muscle strength.

    A 2-hour drive to Zeeland is then quiet and lonely. A campervan where Michiel can sit in the front and has all the tools on board, that would be ideal... 

    Sponsors & friends

    This project would not be possible without the help of our sponsors and friends. They provide advice, from design to advice on setting up our foundation.

    They provide us with products and services, from camper windows to the use of a workshop. Donations are also made, these donations are used to reduce the rental costs. Making accesible adventures possible for all.