Sponsorsen & Friends

This project would not be possible without the help of sponsors and friends. They provide advice, from the design of the motorhome to advice on setting up our foundation.

They provide us with products and services, from camper windows to the use of a workshop. Donations are also made, these donations are used to reduce the rental price so that as many people as possible can rent the camper.

Become our friend and donor

Do you also want to contribute? You can!

Your donation will help us keeping the wheelchair accessible camper on the road and ensure that it can be rented at a low rate.

With sufficient donations, the camper can also be made available for a lower rent rate to people who have less to spend. The independent foundation board assesses applications for this.

With your donation you make an unforgettable holiday possible for someone else! 

Sponsors & Friends

Jan Roelof

We got to know each other through Floris Roskam.

Jan Roelof gives us access to the workshop of his company RMT car repairs. Jan has a lot of experience and is always ready with useful tips for the maintenance and conversion of the Sprinter. Thank you Jan Roelof!

Jan Cees Santema

I got to know Jan-Cees through Jeroen van de Kant.

As managing director of Polyplastic by Lippert, Jan-Cees Santema and his company are part of Lippert. A global player in the production and supply of high-quality components to the motorhome industry, the marine industry, the automotive industry and beyond.

Lippert embraces our project and supplies all components we need from their wide range free of charge. In addition, the project management of construction and communication is handled with a dedicated team from Lippert!

Thank you Jan-Cees for the introduction and thanks to Lippert for this generous sponsorship!


Ralph Mulkens is a good friend of Jochem Kin, Michiel's brother.

When Ralph heard about our project and our plan to set up a foundation, he immediately offered the services of his notary office ElementsLegal.

Elements Legal is a modern and independently operating firm of civil law notaries based in the Amsterdam business district ‘Zuidas’. 

Articles of incorporation, incorporation and all other legal matters involved are supplied by his office free of charge.



An absolute professional, that is the first impression you get when you walk into Hans' workshop.

I got to know Hans through Henk de Rijk.

Hans Tinga is a very skilled carpenter who makes furniture and has, so. it falls to us, experience with the restoration of an old-timer camper (for the enthusiast; an Orion Camper on Hanomag Henschel chassis).

Hans will help us build the furniture, lightweight and durable.

Thank you!



Our sponsor request came into the organization via Orianda Raijmakers, service director at Arjo. And with success!

The ceiling lift for the campervan is offered by Arjo, for free!

With the lift comes a 2 point and an electric 4 point yoke. Making the ceiling hoist suitable for most people.

Arjo is a global provider of medical devices, services and solutions that improve the quality of life for people with reduced mobility.

Thank you!


René Martens is commercial director at Medux, the organization behind the companies Atlas Kidtech, HartingBank, Medipoint, MHG and Orthototaal.

A short phone call was enough for us. René understands our challenge and offers all support from Medux!

All additional aids, appropriate to everyone's personal wishes, are made available to the campervan renters.

Thank you Rene!