The Challenge

In the Netherlands there are 250.000 people that rely on a wheelchair, and just about 4 wheelchair accessible campers for rent. Far too less. And we know this is the case in many other countries too. 

After our first successful accessible campervan build we like make more. 

And we invite you to join our mission; Making accessible adventures possible for all!

Want to join? Follow our step by step guide

to build a wheelchair accessible campervan.

Sharing with love

Open Source

The amount of potential users is so overwhelming that we started this foundation with an open source approach. We know we need a bigger fleet of wheelchair accessible campervans for this challenge. Not just in Holland, but across the world.

We share all our know-how. You can download the businesscase below. And you can contact us for any question you have.

We invite all of you to support this cause by building, funding and using the vans we will build together.


Follow our simple step by step plan and reach out to us when you need help!

We will share what we have and what will support out mission.

How to build

1. Select your vehicle

We have chosen to use a Mercedes Sprinter L3H3 because the loading floor of this van is level with the cabin floor. This makes it easy to drive the wheelchair to the front once you are inside. The Volkswagen Crafter has a similar chassis and is therefore also suitable.

Additionally, we choose this type (L3H3) because it has the highest roof available to fit the ceiling lift.

2. Build in ceiling lift

We use the Arjo Maxi Sky. This ceiling lift operates with multiple spreader bars. In the camper, we provide a two-point spreader bar and a four-point tilting spreader bar.

The roofs of both the Sprinter and Crafter are made of Polyester. This requires a specially designed mounting system to mount the rails of the ceiling lift.

Drawings and instructions for these parts can be requested by email via

See video below.👇🏼

3. Access for the wheelchair - cassette lift

We have a side mounted compact cassette lift from Dhollandia (DHCH104) providing access for the wheelchair via the side door. It is slim, and its hydraulic unit comes as a separate console that resides in your camper garage for easy access to manual operation in case of need.

Dhollandia has a global footprint, ensuring there's always a service point nearby.

5. Your living space

The layout of your van works like a charm, focusing on combining the provision of care and a space where you can maneuver your wheelchair without breaking anything. No stress this holiday!

You have everything you need for your ultimate road trip: a diesel heater, water heater, gas stove, Weber BBQ, lounge chair, and more.

Most of our essential components are from Lippert Components, Polyplastic windows and blinds, Schaudt electronics and more.

Item list can be requested by email via

See video below.👇🏼

5. Reliable power supply

We understand that a reliable power supply is essential for charging your wheelchair, medical equipment, and for many as important as breathing - charging your smartphone ;-).

Want to get off the grid? Our SuperB 150 Ah Lithium battery holds enough charge for a night without an electric hookup. Charging is done while driving.


6. Create lasting memories

Take your van out for a road trip.

Find your path and explore the world!

Using the ceiling lift

The turn

Grand tour