Road Trip for Life


How it all started

In this TedX Talk, the initiator of Road Trip for Life, Joost Bazelmans, talks about the origins of the foundation. About how limitations can make us more free.

Our Mission
We started Road Trip for Life Foundation to offer people in wheelchairs adapted transport to enable them to enjoy a vacation in Holland or abroad.

For this purpose, the foundation develops a wheelchair friendly camper van with various care aids to facilitate the provision of care. The development of the camper will be integrally documented and all relevant information regarding the development of the camper will be placed on our open source page on this website. Thus, anyone who wants to build a wheelchair friendly camper van of their own can make use of this information.

The foundation rents out the camper van for a low market fee. The foundation raises donations which are used for development, maintenance of the camper van and, if necessary, for a contribution to the rental costs for people who have less to spend. This way, anyone with a wheelchair can enjoy an adventurous campervan vacation.

Our vision

We believe that freedom of movement is essential for mental health. People with physical disabilities can often move independently by using a wheelchair, but will always encounter obstacles and limits.

People with physical disabilities often need various care aids in everyday life. For example, aids are needed for making the transfer from wheelchair to toilet and bed. Assistive devices are also needed for care in bed, such as dressing, to make care easier.

These care aids are usually not present at vacation destinations. As a result, freedom of movement during the vacation is often very limited. By facilitating a vehicle with essential care aids on board, the motorhome, we provide freedom of movement.

Our goal

The foundation's primary objective is to rent out the camper at the lowest possible rate, at cost price or lower. To reduce the rental rate, we raise funds take sponsorships, donations and gifts.



The foundation's secondary objective is to develop several wheelchair accessible campers. Also for this purpose sponsors will be attracted, especially sponsors who sponsor in kind with labor and or products.

Our users

We focus primarily on people with physical and/or mental disabilities (children, youth, adults and the elderly) who, together with parent(s), family, caregiver(s), friends, would like to use the Road Trip for Life Foundation's camper.

In addition, the foundation targets other volunteers who also have the ambitions to build a wheelchair friendly motorhome. To this target group the foundation makes all possible information available via an open source page on the website to start a similar initiative.


The Foundation prefers to work with volunteers. In this way we keep the costs low. For activities that we can not (only) perform with volunteers, we will purchase services. We try to keep this to a minimum in order to keep the rent low.

Board members

The Foundation is led by three board members, the board members work unpaid. They perform their work for free. In some cases, unpaid board members may receive an expense allowance. For example, for travel expenses or lunch at a meeting.

Policy Plan

Want to know more about our foundation? Then view or download our policy plan. If you have suggestions for improvements, additions or other comments please contact us.